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With the support of ENELECTRO LTDA and their twenty (20) years of activity in the market of services and supplies in the electric area, let us believe to ENELECTRO & ELECTRONICS SOLUTIONS LTDA, associating the engineering and the technique with a wide representation of engineers and electrical and electronic technicians to be able to offer our clients a bigger covering of their necessities with our best services so that they can enjoy the trust that can only generate them a human group of high quality.
To provide practical and versatile solutions that contribute to improve the quality and the results of their clients by means of the use of tip technology and opportune, continuous and specialized technical support.
To offer the best alternatives as for economy, feasibility, efficiency and transparency in the different projects in that it intervenes to ennoble the values characteristic of the professional practice of the engineering.
To recognize the genuine value of the groups of interest of the company including their clients, suppliers, creditors, shareholders, workers and the same community, to contribute to the environment of well-being and recognition that it should reign in our society.
To generate for our employees a work atmosphere and favorable personal development taking care of offering to those that demonstrate character and exceptional dedication the training resources, motivation and compensation to assure them high levels of employment security, of well-being and of progress.

ENELECTRO & ELECTRONICS SOLUTIONS LTDA will be recognized as company leader in the fields of technological development and applied technology, to offer integral solutions of engineering and technical support of high dependability and excellent standards of quality and applied technology.

Our goal is to be the first ones in reaching continually operative results and superior financiers that speak of our excellence.
Bogotá D.C. - Colombia - Tel: (571) 7595906 / (315) 2620504